Repeater Module

Product Image (BF-TR925)

BF-TR925 Professional Repeater Module

BF-TR925 vehicular or manpack repeater provides on-site communication and remotely connects via IP or satellite. It work as a repeater as well as a dispatcher with BelFone communication systems. With features of fast deployment, flexible networking, IP67 water & dust proof and military standard ruggedness, it usually works with BF-TR900 fixed repeater, when coverage is needed at a special event or incident to swiftly provide local DMR or analog on-site portable radio connection. It delivers high performance, high reliability two-way radio service and is the best choice for harsh outdoor conditions.

Product Image (BF-TR8050)

BF-TR8050 DMR Repeater

BF-TR8050 is a high power DMR repeater with all the features you need to connect the team. With IP multi-site connections and a huge leap forward in technology, it can rapidly establish an extensive network for radio communications, while its strong anti-interference ability effectively secures the stability and privacy of the network. The high repeating power makes sure that the network covers every blind area and penetrates every obstacle to deliver high performance and high reliability communiations.

Product Image (BF-TR8500)

BF-TR8500 Professional DMR Repeater

This DMR repeater is engineered for economic cost of ownership, shopping mall, logistics, airports, docks, etc. It also supports IP networking and simulcasting to deliver high-reliability radio service with all the features required to connect a single site conventional system, or powerful capabilities as your needs evolve.

Product Image (BF-SFR600)

BF-SFR600 DMR Single Frequency Repeater

Price: 550.00 - 616.00 USD ($)/Unit

BF-SFR600 is our new single frequency repeater solution, which is also able to function as a base station within a system. As a single frequency repeater, BF-SFR600 allocates one timeslot to receive signals and the other to transmit at the same frequency, using DMO mode to extend radio coverage. This repeater supports both AC and DC power inputs. When DC power supply is unplugged, the device automatically turns to an AC power source. The two auto-switchable power sources serve as each other™s backup, thus delivering more flexibility and stability. This is a smart and cost-effective choice for commercial users who need extra coverage.

Product Image (BF-TR900)

BF-TR900 Professional Repeater Module

BF-TR900 is a highly integrated DMR repeater in BelFone BMC system with ruggedness of IP54 and MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F standard to tackle various harsh environments. This versatile repeater can function as a fixed base station; and it supports IP networking as well as simulcasting mode. Unlike traditional repeaters, BF-TR900 runs with self-inspection circuit and module redundancy to ensure steady and reliable operation.


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