Analog Repeater

Product Image (BF-3000)

BF-3000 Analog Repeater

Price: 250.00 - 280.00 USD ($)/Piece

BF-3000 provides great signal coverage for all kinds of commercial users and meets, meeting a variety of communication needs. The HD LED screen and the cute little white buttons make it easy to operate, which requires minimum training and produces maximum outcome. BF-3000 is an cost-effective analog repeater solution.

Product Image (BF-5000)

BF-5000 Analog Repeater

Price: 546.00 - 612.00 USD ($)/Piece

BF-5000 is a high power analog repeater that supports 99 channels and multiple signaling working modes. The user can switch between high/low transmitting power according to the specific requirements, working with more flexibility. Its integrated voice encryption and compandor serve to make your radio communications safer and clearer. This is a cost-effective repeater solution for users like forestry, logistics, construction sites etc.


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