Manpack Radios

Product Image (BF-TR925D)

BF-TR925D DMR UV Dual Band Repeater Manpack Radio

BF-TR925D portable dual band repeater is specially designed for the rapid deployment during emergency response. Compliant to with military standard, sturdy and durable, it is can be vehicle mounted or man-packed. BF-TD925D works with BF-TR900 digital repeater and BF-TR925 portable repeater, or networks independently, to realize hierarchical networking and command and extend communication distance. Different frequencies of various departments manage to transmit in the same network, which makes an all-in-one communication network to realize wider cooperation. Organizations are better equipped to efficiently organize and share their resources during response operations.

Product Image (BF-TR925R)

BF-TR925R DMR Ad Hoc Manpack Radio and Repeater

In emergency situations where there is no network coverage, Ad Hoc portable networks are very helpful. As a member of BF-TR925 family, BelFone TR925R(MC-N) is a manpack and vehicle mounted DMR Ad Hoc repeater designed for scenarios where no radio coverage available to realize signal multi-hopping and last mile communication. With features of fast deployment, seamless communication and flexible networking, it works as a radio, repeater and mesh node, It is an ideal solution for search and rescue teams, personnel working at isolated utility sites, first responders during disaster and rescue operations or for those working underground or in tunnels.


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